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Tag: work

How do we want to work?

23 July, 2009 (18:46) | economy | By: Aerar

I recently got a hint on this article (german) at Spiegel online. It is about the attitude of german people towards work. Within the article the social meaning of distribution and availability of work is focussed and the implementation of a “Bürgergeld” (free monthly fee for every citizen) as an alternative is mentioned. Above that […]

Taxing commuters

15 September, 2008 (13:30) | finance | By: Aerar

Now it is time to show strength and to become unpopular. For there are polls (german) which strongly indicate a benevolent attitude towards tax-deductible amount for cars and there are articles (link no longer found) which name problems in disposing them. But this does not automatically mean that this tax reducing for driving to work […]