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Tag: prognosis

Badly calculated

26 May, 2010 (18:42) | elections, federal states, parties | By: Aerar

(German version published on 25 April, 2010) “Nach der aktuellen Umfrage von tns Emnid im Auftrag des Magazins “Focus” kommt die CDU NRW bei der Sonntagsfrage zur Landtagswahl am 9. Mai auf 38 Prozent. Die SPD hingegen liegt bei 34 Prozent, Die Grünen bei 11 Prozent, die FDP bei 8 Prozent und die Linkspartei bei […]

Forecast of the election

26 September, 2009 (16:55) | editorial, elections | By: Aerar

I have to admit that I do not know exactly how an professional opinion poll is done. There I don’t want to focus the casting of the sample of respondents but the act of questioning itself. I imagine that the selected persons are confronted with a question like: “Which party would you vote for assuming […]