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Work less – archieve more

7 May, 2010 (15:21) | economy, media | By: Aerar

(German version published on 13 March, 2010) (Screenshot from Harvard-Business-Manager-Magazin) “Berater, Banker, Wirtschaftsprüfer, Manager – sie alle haben das Gefühl, immer im Dienst zu sein.” (my translation: “Consultants, bankers, accountants and managers – they all have the feeling of beeing always on duty.”) This is what the Harvard-Business-Manager-Magazin is writing in its online issue. A […]

Boom: economic leaders

22 November, 2008 (14:44) | abroad, economy, particulars, series | By: Aerar

The economy is booming. In the near future a long and solid boom can’t be stopped. If you don’t jump on the train now you will loose contact very soon. And especially the train service has set the basics for future development. The management will abdicate higher salaries in the next year (german). This will […]