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Tag: election

Party opinion poll

30 August, 2009 (16:47) | elections, parties, political trade, series | By: Aerar

There are alltogether 27 parties who will participate at the election to the German Bundestag at September, 27th 2009. Not all parties have subscribed to all federal states. Therefore there are some parties who can be elected in certain states only. A well-known example is the CSU which can be elected alone in Bayern whereas […]

Board the masts

10 August, 2009 (20:41) | elections | By: Aerar

The Piratenpartei recently hung out some posters with the slogan “Politik zum Mitmachen” (“politics to participate”). They leave a large blank space for people to write their wishes on what the party shall do when it gets into the Bundestag. A really clever idea considering that most of the posters get “enhanced” by some funny […]

Winners and Non-voters

19 January, 2009 (14:24) | elections, federal states | By: Aerar

After long lasting troubles in the beginning a new election has been done in Hessen yesterday. This should always be the last option as an election always is an expression of the will of the electors and should not be repeated endlessly until the result will be good enough for everybody or like in this […]

Pangs of conscience

4 November, 2008 (15:26) | elections, federal states, particulars, political trade | By: Aerar

Within a political system dominated by parties a delegate often is in the situation to serve his party and to give his vote for topics he disagrees to serve a higher goal. Nevertheless it is a good thing when a delegate makes use of his personal political mandate and in important cases makes decisions following […]

Sit down: F

30 October, 2008 (16:06) | elections, federal states, political trade | By: Aerar

The FAZ has reported (german), that the delegates of the CDU might remain seated instead of giving their vote in the planned election of Andrea Ypsilanti to prime minister of Hessen on coming Tuesday. This is in acount of preventing them from giving their vote for the wrong party by mistake. “The 42 delegates of […]

Absolute miss

29 September, 2008 (15:31) | elections, federal states | By: Aerar

It is done: Bayern has elected. Whole Bayern? Not really, a participation of about 58% of the electors is very low for a trend-setting election. And despite of the intense preliminary news coverage only about 1% more (compared to the last election) of the eligible voters had made their way to the ballot box. The […]

Elect differently

26 September, 2008 (17:43) | abroad, elections | By: Aerar

Actually we have enough elections on our own and with the election in Bayern the next one is about to come this weekend already. But we can not totally ignore the election of the new president in the USA as the political future there will have deep impact on german politics as well. If you […]

The glass is only half full

21 September, 2008 (12:37) | elections, federal states | By: Aerar

That would be a problem not only for the Oktoberfest but as well in the coming elections in Bayern. We will see the results on September, 28th but recent polls indicate that the glass would be less than half full then. A result of 47% ist prognosticated for the CSU and the question of “50% […]