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Tag: China

Stockmarket madness

4 April, 2010 (13:27) | economy, media | By: Aerar

(German version published on 11 January, 2010) Now this really has shocked me for a second: “Die Dynamik der chinesischen Wirtschaft hat viele Experten überrascht und für Optimismus an den Börsen gesorgt. Der deutsche Leitindex Dax markierte zeitweise sogar den höchsten Stand seit September 2004. Auch der Ölpreis legte kräftig zu. (German) (my translation: “The […]

Boom: unstoppable

26 November, 2008 (12:12) | abroad, economy, finance, media, series | By: Aerar

It is irresponsible how some media try to stop the boom. Two days ago a poll on the economic situation (german) has been published, which stated that one third of all companies would consider to reduce the number of jobs. What was not mentioned in the titles or in some articles left totally unmentioned was […]

Boom: cash flow

24 November, 2008 (15:29) | abroad, economy, series | By: Aerar

There is no end of the good news worldwide. After the USA now Great Britain (german) and China (german) are setting massive impulses for development. Alone the German government is standing back (german). By maybe it’s just a good sign and there is only fear to overheat the market with another program. Also the pessimists […]