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Tag: Bundestag

Party opinion poll: My letter

30 August, 2009 (22:51) | elections, parties, series | By: Aerar

The following entries belong to this series Introduction text The letter I sent (this entry) The answer of the Bayernpartei The answer of the Allianz der Mitte The answer of the Familien-Partei Deutschlands The answer of the PSG – Partei für Soziale Gleichheit The answer of Die Republikaner The answer of the FDP The answer […]

Party opinion poll

30 August, 2009 (16:47) | elections, parties, political trade, series | By: Aerar

There are alltogether 27 parties who will participate at the election to the German Bundestag at September, 27th 2009. Not all parties have subscribed to all federal states. Therefore there are some parties who can be elected in certain states only. A well-known example is the CSU which can be elected alone in Bayern whereas […]

Anticonstitutional ?

12 March, 2009 (01:28) | homeland security, law & order | By: Aerar

Within an interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung” (german) he German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble critisizes the work of the Federal Constitutional Court and in my eyes puts into question the general role of the Court: (the following quotes are translated by the author – please read the original source if you are capable of […]