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The (political) blog as media

17 July, 2010 (22:56) | editorial, media | By: Aerar

(German version published on 30 April, 2010) With this blog I decided to temporarily inform about recent political events and to offer an opinion as a basis for a discussion. Beside of the limited number of readers and the little available time of the author I noticed some principle limits which probably other blogs do […]

Continue working

3 February, 2010 (19:39) | editorial | By: Aerar

This blog is the English translation of “Aerar – Der Gemeinplatz der Politik” which is reporting recent events and thoughts on German politics. As the original blog is in German language I did not find the time lately to translate every post to English. But recently I observed a (slightly) increasing interest in this blog […]

“Ära” is spelled without an “r” at the end

13 September, 2008 (20:35) | editorial | By: Aerar

That is correct. But the use of the german word “Ära” (“era” in english) might indicate that a new age would arise with this blog, which I doubt. Therefore the titel is related to “Ärar” (from latin: aerarium) which means the treasure (and in a way the abilities) of the country. As well I would […]