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Category: law & order

Different measurement

29 March, 2010 (12:36) | law & order | By: Aerar

(German version published on 30 December, 2009) During an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung the president of the industrial tribunal Ingrid Schmidt did ask in connection with the so called “bagatelle denunciations”: “Wie kommt man eigentlich dazu, ungefragt Maultaschen mitzunehmen? Oder eine Klorolle, oder stapelweise Papier aus dem Büro? Warum solche Eigenmächtigkeiten? Das hat was […]

Please hold the line…

28 March, 2010 (19:56) | economy, law & order, proposals | By: Aerar

(German version published on 29 December, 2009) At last “Die Grünen” do some practical politics again and this is in consumerism this time (German) This was very helpful as in a snap sample they tested the retention time and the fees in phone hotlines. It was not really surprising that they found out that both […]

Minaret poll

24 March, 2010 (20:18) | abroad, law & order, media | By: Aerar

(German version published on 01 December, 2009) Online polls are a simple and quick possibility to create a set of opinions from a large amount of people. But in case those polls are open, they suffer two drawbacks which limit their credibility. On the one hand the group of people participating is no neutral group […]

Dissuasion watch

5 February, 2010 (22:06) | Internet, law & order, proposals | By: Aerar

(German version published on 27 Oktober, 2009) Now also from me some small thoughts about the dissuasion madness. The last bigger case was the negative PR which Jack Wolfskin produced with its dissuations (German). Before them it were the president of the DFB Theo Zwanziger (German), the Deutsche Bahn (German), Jako (German) and others who […]

Loss of confidence

17 October, 2009 (17:06) | law & order | By: Aerar

The dismissals of long-serving employees without previous notice because of the (assumed) theft of a low valued good, seem to be no mass phenomenon, but periodically make their way into the daily press. After a childrens bed (german) and receipts for empty bottles (german) now there are Pasta squares filled with meat and spinach (german), […]

Save your Freedom

15 September, 2009 (13:55) | homeland security, law & order | By: Aerar

After the already published yideo short film“Du bist Terrorist” (= “You are a terrorist (german)) there is another clip now against surveillance done by the government with the title “Rette Deine Freiheit” (= “Save your Freedom (german)). Both videos show in a simple but haunting way the (possible) consequences of planned and already existing measures […]

Anticonstitutional ?

12 March, 2009 (01:28) | homeland security, law & order | By: Aerar

Within an interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung” (german) he German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble critisizes the work of the Federal Constitutional Court and in my eyes puts into question the general role of the Court: (the following quotes are translated by the author – please read the original source if you are capable of […]

The Tauss incident

6 March, 2009 (16:40) | homeland security, law & order, media, particulars | By: Aerar

Yesterday it came out that the Public Attorney’s Office in Karlsruhe has started an investigation against the SPD member of the Bundestag Jörg Tauss caused by the suspicion of owing pornographic material showing children. Here are some news topics: Kinderpornoverdacht gegen SPD-Abgeordneten Jörg Tauss (german) Büros des SPD-Abgeordneten Tauss durchsucht (german) Kinderporno-Fund bringt SPD-Politiker in […]