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Category: federal states

Absolute miss

29 September, 2008 (15:31) | elections, federal states | By: Aerar

It is done: Bayern has elected. Whole Bayern? Not really, a participation of about 58% of the electors is very low for a trend-setting election. And despite of the intense preliminary news coverage only about 1% more (compared to the last election) of the eligible voters had made their way to the ballot box. The […]

The glass is only half full

21 September, 2008 (12:37) | elections, federal states | By: Aerar

That would be a problem not only for the Oktoberfest but as well in the coming elections in Bayern. We will see the results on September, 28th but recent polls indicate that the glass would be less than half full then. A result of 47% ist prognosticated for the CSU and the question of “50% […]