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Category: elections

I do not understand it

29 July, 2010 (17:28) | elections, parties | By: Aerar

(German version published on 2 May, 2010) I am not really surprised when a study of the Communication Labs Ulm and the University of Hohenheim comes to the result that the agendas of the parties for the elections in NRW are hard to understand (German). After all I thing here politicians are writing for politicians […]

Badly calculated

26 May, 2010 (18:42) | elections, federal states, parties | By: Aerar

(German version published on 25 April, 2010) “Nach der aktuellen Umfrage von tns Emnid im Auftrag des Magazins “Focus” kommt die CDU NRW bei der Sonntagsfrage zur Landtagswahl am 9. Mai auf 38 Prozent. Die SPD hingegen liegt bei 34 Prozent, Die Grünen bei 11 Prozent, die FDP bei 8 Prozent und die Linkspartei bei […]

You have two votes

9 April, 2010 (16:32) | elections, proposals | By: Aerar

(German version published on 13 January, 2010) “Das Wahlrecht zum Deutschen Bundestag muss laut Bundesverfassungsgericht geändert werden. (my translation: The electoral law for the German Bundestag needs to be changed as the Federal Constitutional Court said” (German)“, states the blog “rot steht uns gut” and already makes a proposal how that could be done. The […]

Political dolefulness parliamentarymade

8 February, 2010 (19:24) | elections, federal states, political trade | By: Aerar

(German version published on 30 Oktober, 2009) Today Christine Lieberknecht (CDU) has been elected as President of Thürigen but just in the ithird ballot (German). Naturally this reminds to the debacel of Heide Simonis in Schleswig-Holstein. That in both cases women have been affected seems to be accidently as in both cases the political situation […]


7 February, 2010 (17:38) | elections, media | By: Aerar

(German version published on 28 Oktober, 2009) Is it impossible for “quality media” to resist catching the focus of their readers by cloudy headlines? Especially when the reader just reads his feedreader he is left behind with open questions if he does not visit the complete article on the website. So Focus Online titles: Eine […]

The value of your vote

27 September, 2009 (13:18) | elections | By: Aerar

Even though Angela Merkel does not get tired to remember that in the elctions of 2002 just 6000 votes (german) were missing to bring the CDU/CSU to government, the larger number of voters does not believe that it is exactly their vote that makes the difference in the elections. As there are about 60 million […]

Forecast of the election

26 September, 2009 (16:55) | editorial, elections | By: Aerar

I have to admit that I do not know exactly how an professional opinion poll is done. There I don’t want to focus the casting of the sample of respondents but the act of questioning itself. I imagine that the selected persons are confronted with a question like: “Which party would you vote for assuming […]

Party opinion poll: NPD

26 September, 2009 (12:10) | elections, parties, series | By: Aerar

I tried to make a Party opinion poll and so got from many political parties an answer to four questions which could be read in my original email. Unfortunally there will be no translation of any of the answers, but nevertheless I will publish the link to the German version of the answer. In case […]

Our country can do better

24 September, 2009 (01:22) | elections, political trade | By: Aerar

Election posters could be quite misleading. Or what shall one think about the large posters of Frank-Walter Steinmeier which are set up by the SPD (translation by the author of the slogan “Unser Land kann mehr”: “Our country can do better”)? If my employer would set up a poster showing me with the slogan: “Our […]

Voting tactics

18 September, 2009 (16:34) | elections | By: Aerar

Not alone the politicians and the political parties have to make compromises in their daily political work. The same is urged from the voter as well. In general this is quite natural as there will be hardly any voter who agrees absolutely with all goals and statements of any political party or candidate. This experience […]