A commonplace of german politics

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This website deals with recent or basic social themes and tries to discuss them them in a partly ironical or polemic way. The single posts should be a starting point for further discussions of the visitors which they could lead with friends in their private lives or here in this blog by using the comment functionality. It might be the case that the point of view stated here does not or not completely would express the position of the author. In addition the arguments given will not always be of enough quality to match scientific level and there might be cases with incomplete or missing links to sources. Dealing with any of the discussed matters would need investigations,  cogitation and opinion of his own of the visitor.

The original version was written in German and will be translated to this English version. As you might note soon the author is no native English speaker, which would lead to a higher amount of mistakes within the texts. I hope you can apologize this and enjoy reading anyway.