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I do not understand it

29 July, 2010 (17:28) | elections, parties | By: Aerar

(German version published on 2 May, 2010)

I am not really surprised when a study of the Communication Labs Ulm and the University of Hohenheim comes to the result that the agendas of the parties for the elections in NRW are hard to understand (German). After all I thing here politicians are writing for politicians and not for the voters. They want to express their goal comprehensively and absolute correctly. A good aim which unfortunally is not reached when the agenda can be understood only by few people. So the agendas do not differ much from site long terms and conditions that are provided by companies. One should really read them but hardly anyone does it, because it is no fun if you understand only little and in the end the lifetime is too limited to read them all. What a pity.