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Household fee instead of GEZ

19 July, 2010 (17:54) | finance, media | By: Aerar

(German version published on 2 May, 2010)

Believing an expertise of the constitutional law expert Paul Kirchhof there are no constitutional concerns about a household based fee instead of the current device based fee. This would be in contradiction with prior reports from October of the last year which came to a different conclusion:

my translation: Fees may not be charged by the government, that will be stated in the expertise of Paul Kirchhof. Charging the fees by the finance office will not be possible. (German)  …

I don’t know exactly how these two expertises are connected and how the change of interpretation could be explained. At least this Paul Kirchhof got my sympathy with his proposals for a simplifies tax law. And here also it is the simplifying which makes the new proposals attractive to me. In my eyes this would make surplus the administrative expensive individual fee on devices, which I consider to be completely senseless as it nevertheless effects all households the creativity of the broadcasters ensures that that will stay so in future – which they last proved by inventing the fees for “new devices”.

It may be a reason to drop the fees alltogether especially when considering that the broadcasters seem the lack this creativity when planning and generating their programs. But on the limited view to how to collect the fees I would prefer a version needing less administration. Not alone as almost any household directly or indirectly profits from the program anyway.

So I do not understand the wish to keep a “fair” individual fee model as it does not basically questions the paying of a fee. I think that is again just about those people “who do not have a TV set (German)“. But I for example, do not have a car, nor do I go into the opera and my children do not visit a public school – I think then something could be done there as well.