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Wiki: Sketching a political program

18 July, 2010 (12:46) | editorial, wiki | By: Aerar

(German version published on 1 May, 2010)

Basic situation
Considering the drawbacks of dealing with political themes in a blog, I have decided to start in addition a Wiki where I will try to develope a draft of a new political program:

Aerar-Politischer Programmentwurf (German)

The Wiki as platform
I believe that a wiki is a good technical platform for such a project as articles could be developed over a long period there. Each article could concentrate on one certain theme and relations between different articles could be shown by categories and links. In addition a wiki is an open platform that allows others to join in and participate.

Effects of the Aerar-Wiki to the Aerar-Blog
The wiki and the blog will be two projects which basically work independendly from each other but which may have overlaps. Within the articles of this blog I will try to add links to related wiki articles and I will present new contents of the wiki in extra posts within this blog. Such posts will be marked with the prefix “Wiki:” to make it easier to tell them apart from the normal blog posts. So the posts about current events within this blog will still continue as they worked before.

Goals of the political program draft
Within the draft ideas should be dealt with more intensely and they should be described more exactly. In long terms by this not only a basic idea should be sketched and motivated. In the end there should stand concrete and practible suggestions for the feasibility. This causes the author to deal with political realities, to consider side effects and to see potential conflicts with other political interests.
So the aim of the wiki is to develope widespreadly new and practical ideas which might have a usage in real politics. Therein it is only one aspects whether this high expetations could actually be reached in the end. First it is important to give an impulse for a political development of opinions to the authors and readers by an intense and ongoing workout of certain political themes.