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The (political) blog as media

17 July, 2010 (22:56) | editorial, media | By: Aerar

(German version published on 30 April, 2010)

With this blog I decided to temporarily inform about recent political events and to offer an opinion as a basis for a discussion. Beside of the limited number of readers and the little available time of the author I noticed some principle limits which probably other blogs do share. Especially two things got into my focus:

The alertness of blogs is just short:

The nature of blog posts in most cases gives them just a short alertness period. Especially in political blogs only few people will read the posts from the previous year. With recent news this is no problem as the world turns on and on demand it is always possible to link to older posts in case they got another recent relevance. But many articles deal with basic questions which are of longer topicality than the alertness for the blog article dealing with the theme.

Blog posts often are less recondite:

When I write a blog post I often just react on certain key events which I present and comment shortly. With this in my opinion I have done the main job of a blog: blogs mainly serve to spread certain pieces of information, to give new interpretations and allow discussion among the readers.

To provide this service I accepted, like many other blogs, certain limitations:

  • Topicality
  • Mainly I react on recent political events and try to present them promptly. Even though of course nobody forbids me to write about other events this mechanismn I follow is limiting my pool of themes. I think this is owed to the medium of blog which is a recent one.

  • Humour
  • To be read one has to offer something interesting. Pure spreading of information is nice but when you want to offer something special this is not enough. Therefore I add interpretations of my own to evaluate the news I present. I often used an ironical, partly polemic way to write. And I want to continue to do so, because I think my posts are more entertaining this way and this style of writing is capable to start thinking things over and discussing them. When self reflection and discussion among the readers does not take place it, of course, is a one way presentation.

  • Little analysis
  • Many blog posts simply report or even comment but seldom offer solutions. Or if they provide solutions they often stick to slogans or demands which on the first look seem senseful. Nevertheless the post seldom questions those theories or even considers how to implement such claims and which side effects that would have.

  • Abbreviation
  • The readability of a blog is important as blog that is not read could hardly have any impact. Long posts often look a bit scary to potential readers and therefore few blog posts are longer than a onepager.

    Within this scope hardly any theme could be presented properly. Even if one tries an analysis of the theme one could just pick a part of the theme and only some aspects. A deeper subsumption in the related context is literally impossible. For myself as a blogger in addition the problem is that due to the limited alertness it does not seem “worthwhile” to write longer and laborious articles. All in all I am quite thrifty with longer posts

Unknowingly all this limits were clear to me but seeing them written down shows me that blogs at least in one way do not differ from classic print mediae: “Nothing is as old as the blog post from yesterday”. Leastwise blog posts could be found easily after a long time within the Internet and some are even commented then. But I have the hardly surprising surmise that blog posts are not muich read a few days after the publishing.