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Dark clouds above Mount Olympus

5 May, 2010 (13:51) | abroad, economy | By: Aerar

(German version published on 26 February, 2010)

Some people in Greece currently are very angry with Germany. The ostensible cause is a a picture on the title of the Munic news magazine “Focus”, which shows the Venus von Milo with an erected middle finger beside the text “deceiver in the Euro-Family” (German)

The reactions on this show how tense the nerves are and to what degree the national pride is attacked already: they compare Germans with monkeys on trees and don’t hesitate to swing the big Nazi bat. As a topping there is a call for boycot on German goods. This even to the ears of German export companies sounds as threatening as a country wide philosophers strike, which at least would fit thematically.
Beside the fact that those multifold medial retaliations, even if they are counted as (excessive) self-defence more than compensate the Focus title it does not seem too clever to me to bring the economy of a country down to the border of a collapse and then insult possible rescuers.

Not alone because of manipulated financial reports to the EU the factual trueness of the accusation of defraud is hardly to deny when “Greece top politicians get private lessons in financial matters from Josef Ackermann” . And who will pay the bill at the end if again a German bank gets into trouble?

All this is making me unbelievable angry and extremly hurt and I urge to do something stupid to give my frustration a ventile. I therefore demand to remove the attribute “deutsch” from the name of the “Deutsche Bank” for reasons of national pride as at least I don’t want to get involvement semantically in the deeds of this institue.
Greece of course need to be boycotted. As this would hardly have any economic effect in addition I demand to boycott Udo Jürgens as well. What a madhouse. So this is the unity and actionability of the EU in practice. Not surprising if the international reputation of the EU is falling to meaninglessness. Maybe Europe could reclaim the focus of the USA if it sold the rights of this soap opera to Hollywood. And maybe the money earned this way could be used to fix the one or the other hole in the finances.