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FDP leader Westerwelle in favour of minimum wages

29 April, 2010 (11:54) | particulars, political trade | By: Aerar

(German version published on 13 February, 2010)

“Man muss in Deutschland sagen dürfen, dass derjenige, der arbeitet, mehr haben muss als derjenige, der nicht arbeitet.” (My translation: “It have to possible in Germany to say that those who work need to earn more than those who do not work”)

said Westerwelle at a greeting of graduates of foreign German schools (in the Tagesthemen-video at 6:22 minuten (German)).

In addition he demanded indirectly from himself and his party to excuse themselves for all the dispraising of motivated citizens who got into a difficulties due to the current economic situation and criticized the former practise of supporting heirs and other clients who until now got tax privileges without noticable personal accomplishment (from 7:44):

“Ich finde diejenigen, die die Leistungsbereitschaft der Bürgerinnen und Bürger so mit Füßen treten, die sollten sich entschuldigen.” (my translation:”I think those who tread on the toes of the motivated citizens should apologize.”)