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Too good to be bribed

13 April, 2010 (14:12) | economy, parties, political trade | By: Aerar

(German version published on 21 January, 2010)

Somehow I consider my proposal to regulate donations to parties is getting more important. The taz writes in its online version:

“Die Förderung der erneuerbaren Energien ist ein gesellschaftlich notwendiges, sinnvolles und richtiges Ziel”, sagt die Bundesgeschäftsführerin der Grünen zu den Vorwürfen, auch ihre Partei schrecke vor der Annahme von Spenden nicht zurück, die im Zusammenhang mit politischen Entscheidungen stünden. (my translation: “The promotion of renewable energies is a necessary, useful and right aim” said the secretary of the green party against the blames, her party does not deny to accept donations which are connected with political decisions” (German)

Now I even believe to a certain degree that the green party would promote the development of alternative energies even without donations from the solar and wind industry. But it is the question whether this donations were a support of an independent work or an encouragement to go some steps further?

Well, of course this is not a question as the green party obviously has enough wisdom to decide what is necessary, useful and right. And of course therefore stands above moral, modesty and bribery suspicions. Why didn’t they say this before the elections as then I maybe would have voted for them. At least I had found the party which simply is doing everything right. But I can vote for them from now on – at least until we can vote for companies directly at last.

Addition (23.01.2010):

Maybe the FDP did not only had in arrangement with the hotel industry (German) This time they did it correctly. So again to get it noted down for all the other parties: hotels = evil, solar energy = good.