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Bought, donated or funded?

12 April, 2010 (11:53) | parties, political trade, proposals | By: Aerar

(German version published on 20 January, 2010)

In the end that is the question in the discussion about the donation of a hotel owner to the FDP (German).

The suspicion of purchasability is weighting heavily as it is destroying democracy. And it is a problem for everyone involved and for the tax payer as well that such suspicions are hard to be proved or to be confuted.

A donation on the one side is not connected with any preconditions but on the other hand it causes at least a moral obligation to thankfulness at the reciever. And the gratitude of a governing party is not that bad at all.

Funding is used here more in the sense of: “giving something to someone else without letting the reciever know who the donator was”. So my proposal is to allow in future only that kind of “funding”:


Money or comparable donations to political parties to support their work are only allowed anonymously.

Companies or people are still allowed to support the work of their favourite political parties. But as long as the donor is unknown, he is less likely to recieve a return for this.

In practice some extra rules (such as the need of round values to be donated) might be necessary which deny a secret marking of donations. Another effective step would be this additional proposal.

Additional proposal:

All donations to political parties have to be paid to an independent assembly account. From there the money will be handed over in whole (and so made anonymous) to the parties.

I think it could be that easy. Or not?