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Stockmarket madness

4 April, 2010 (13:27) | economy, media | By: Aerar

(German version published on 11 January, 2010)

Now this really has shocked me for a second:

Die Dynamik der chinesischen Wirtschaft hat viele Experten überrascht und für Optimismus an den Börsen gesorgt. Der deutsche Leitindex Dax markierte zeitweise sogar den höchsten Stand seit September 2004. Auch der Ölpreis legte kräftig zu. (German) (my translation: “The dynamic of the Chinese economy has surprised many market experts and lead to optimism at the markets. The German main index DAX temporarily even reached the highest level since September 2004. As well the oil prices raised strongly.

The crisis blown away from one day to another? And to what astromical heights the oil prices may have shot? But in the end it what just a typo in the title as the article itself says: “Sein Tageshoch lag bei 6094 Zählern. Das war der höchste Stand seit September 2008.” (my translation:”Its days’s height was at 6094 points. This was the highest level since September 2008.”) What a relieve at least for today.