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Terror works for sure

30 March, 2010 (14:33) | homeland security | By: Aerar

(German version published on 31 December, 2009)

I still believe that the main impact of (attempted) terror strikes is the panic reaction of the western world which punishes itself with self selected cuts of freedom, isolation due to hatred of foreigners and waste of money and quality of live. Even the possibly most powerful man in the world (German) can’t stop to follow this “logic” anymore.

It is willingly neglected that such measures are ineffective (German), as on the one hand there will never be complete security and on the other hand there are so many “soft targets” (e.g. high speed trains) still available. It does not need much cleverness to kill some hundreds of people if only one is having enough contempt of human life and is willing to sacrify his own life.

So I consider all measures above a certain level of minimum security to be completely mislead as they only fight the symptoms without bothering much about the cause. And even with an intense dealing with the cause there will always be some radicals left. So I tend to accept those remaining terror strikes such as it is done with natural disasters. That politics is basically ready to sacrify human lives for reasons of costs was impressingly demonstrated at the last climate summit. The aims of terror fighting as it is promoted these days are not honourable in my opinion but driven by seeking for power, control and survaillance.

Btw: The inducement for this article was this graphic. I can not prove whether the numbers named there are correct but they are about the level I would have estimated myself.