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Different measurement

29 March, 2010 (12:36) | law & order | By: Aerar

(German version published on 30 December, 2009)

During an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung the president of the industrial tribunal Ingrid Schmidt did ask in connection with the so called “bagatelle denunciations”: “Wie kommt man eigentlich dazu, ungefragt Maultaschen mitzunehmen? Oder eine Klorolle, oder stapelweise Papier aus dem Büro? Warum solche Eigenmächtigkeiten? Das hat was mit fehlendem Anstand, aber auch mit unerfüllten Erwartungen zu tun.” (German) (my translation: “Who could be that stupid to take some Pasta squares without allowance? Or a roll of toilet paper, or stacks of paper from the office? Why such arbitrary acts? This has something to do with a lack of integrity but as well with unfulfilled expectations.”)

I have already wrote my opinion on this in a previous post and I can just be amazed about the live reality of this woman that obviously differs from that of many other people. Already the question she answered to in the interview was modest enough to preserve her from such an awkward trivializing: “Wird nicht die Würde des Menschen verletzt, wenn wegen – sagen wir – 2,39 Euro seine Lebensleistung nichts mehr gilt?” (my translation: “Is it not a violation of the dignity of a person if because – let’s say – 2,39 Euro his livetime archievements count nothing anymore?”)

Along with this discussion I think it also worthwhile mentioning the connection with the latest bank and manager affairs that has been discussed at other places: “man solle nicht mit zweierlei Maß messen. Hier die “normalen” Arbeitnehmer, die für vergleichsweise kleine Vergehen fristlos gekündigt werden und dort die Manager, denen wirklich Schlimmes zur Last gelegt werden müsste und die mit einem so genannten “goldenen Handschlag”, also einer großen finanziellen Abfindung, nach Hause geschickt werden.” (German) – (my translation: “there should be no different measurement. Here the “normal” employee who can be fired for a small misbehaviour and on the other side the manager, who is accused of massiv failures, and who is send off with a huge financial compensation”) Though in this source I don’t understand the whole text and though at a first look the citated part looks like simple manager bashing, the question nevertheless is correct.

Because the core of this discussion is only one thing, the question of the comparativeness. So it is not surprising that such statements cause public indignation (German).