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Taking it easy

8 March, 2010 (19:22) | media, parties, political trade | By: Aerar

(German version published on 24 November, 2009)

In the case of Nikolaus Brender (German), whos position as chief editor of the ZDF is put into question presumptive because of reasons of party related politics, shortly ago 35 leading experts of constitutional law wrote an open letter (German) in which they stated their concern against a politically motivated discharge.

I too, believe that the political interests of parties should not interfere the public broadcasting which should be one column of the State and which is financed by the public. It is alarming if from the (pretended) liberal corner such a reaction is called hypocritical (German) wird. But it is said there:

Aber welche Rundfunkfreiheit kann eigentlich gemeint sein, wenn der Staat Sender installiert, sie mit steuergleichen Zwangsgebühren finanziert und seine Parteigänger ganz offiziell in die Verwaltungsgremien entsendet? (my translation: “But which freedom of broadcasting could be meant if the State installs the broadcasting companies, finances it with tax like fees and officially sends party members into the administration bodies?”)

Does that mean that the one who pays is allowed to decide what has to be done? And the “tax like fees” are paid by the citizens, who also are the target audience. If is that what they wanted to say that would sound like liberalism of the bad kind to me.

Furthermore it is said:

Haben sich die Professoren bisher jemals daran gestört, daß der BR ein tief scharzer Sender ist, während WDR und HR (und andere) tiefrot besetzt sind? (my translation: “Did those professors ever had a problem that the BR is a deeply blackwing company while the WDR and the HR (and others) are deeply redwinged?”

Well, that soothes me to some degree again. We have done that this way in the past and so it can not be bad at all that Mr. Koch is trying to take some influence now. Quite contrary it is an expression of the most brutal possible squareness, as all the other ones try to do the same secretly.

Hint: The original article of this post has been commented by the author of the article I refered to in the above text (German).