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8 February, 2010 (19:24) | elections, federal states, political trade | By: Aerar

(German version published on 30 Oktober, 2009)

Today Christine Lieberknecht (CDU) has been elected as President of Thürigen but just in the ithird ballot (German). Naturally this reminds to the debacel of Heide Simonis in Schleswig-Holstein. That in both cases women have been affected seems to be accidently as in both cases the political situation was tense and the majorities were small. But maybe it is also a reason that the inhibition threshold against women is lower than it is against men?

Mrs. Lieberknecht got 44 from 88 votes in each of the first two ballots – one less than she needed for the absolute majority which was needed. Only in the thrid ballot where a normal majority would have been sufficient she got 55 votes. The 48 attendant members of the CDU/SPD coalition would with no problem have been able to elect her already in one of the first two ballots, but they didn’t. In addition the members of the opposing parties naturally saw no reason to elect Mrs. Lieberknecht who had no rival candidate in these first two ballots and to help her to an earlier succes.

Only in the third ballot the opposing party Die Linke named her member Bodo Ramelow as rival candidate. So the delegates now had the choice between the candidate of Die Linke, the CDU politician or an abstention in which now the absolute majority chosed the CDU politician

Were the first two ballots “just” a punishment or would the delegates have Lieberknecht also let fail in the third ballot if there were not the rival candidate?

If they wanted to punish her I consider this a lousy bullying carried out on the backs of the State and of politics in general. I principially welcome if the delegates in doubt will follow their own opinions and not the reason of the fraction. But then they should do it consequently and not use it as a destructive measure of threatening.