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GEiZ ist geil

8 February, 2010 (18:55) | media | By: Aerar

(German version published on 28 Oktober, 2009)

Already in 2006 it was said that 98% of the households had a TV set (German). Assumgly it will not have become significantly less since. I always thought it was due to some German ideal of justice that the GEZ spent 164,4 Millionen Euro a year to encash the broadcasting fee correctly for each single receiver unit. For this amount of money more than 750.000 households (“Fernsehgerät, Radio und neuartiges Rundfunkgerät” (my translation: “TV set, radio or new receiving unit”) – for about 18 Euro a month) could watch TV legally. But instead this money is used to pay door-to-door questioners (or better: hucksters?) who spread fear and everybody is put under general suspicion by ads in the cinemas, on TV and in papers.

Even those who don’t have a TV set will now have to pay for keeping ready(!) “modern broadcast receivers” (which means: computers with an Internet connection). This is because one could use the Internet connection to view the webpages of the public-law broadcasting companies and get media data from there. A commercial abonnement service could hardly expect to find so many customers who were willing to pay 5,76 Euro for this service.

If it was that easy, I planned to send notifications of charges not just to the few readers of my blog but to every Internet user as each of them has the ability to view my nice and highly informative websites at any time they want. Unfortunally I now had to learn that things are a bit different with the GEZ and that it is not even possible to replace the expensive and laborious charging of fees by a simple payment directly by the State or by taxes:

Die Gebühren dürfen nämlich, so wird es im verfassungsrechtlichen Gutachten von Paul Kirchhof stehen, nicht vom Staat eingezogen werden. Eine Erhebung über die Finanzämter ist daher ausgeschlossen… (German) (my translation: “It is not allowed for the State to charge fees directly, so the opinion under constitutional law of Paul Kirchhof will state. It therefore is not possible to let the tax offices charge the fees…”)

Such a scrape. After proving such striking lack of knowledge of mine I better will start to watch the educational program of the ARD immediately. So let’s see. Now at 7:45pm they show “Wissen vor 8 – Wie entsteht Popcorn?” (my translation: “Knowledge before 8 – How popcorn is made?”).