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Where is blogging leading to?

17 October, 2009 (21:46) | editorial, media | By: Aerar

Until now I did not pay too much attention to the numerous discussions about the value and the future of blogging, especially when the discussion was focussed on the comparison with the “classical” journalism. The last time I gave a thought of my own on the matter was in the beginning of my own blog.

The sentence “Zu gutem Journalismus gehört nicht nur das Verfassen flotter Texte, sondern auch eine umfassende, aufwändige und meist sehr teure Recherche, die sich nicht in der Benutzung der Suchmaschine Google erschöpft.” (translation by the author: “Good journalism is not just writing good texts but an extensive and expensive recherche which is not done with the use of Internet search engines”) on which I stumbled upon at Julia Seeliger (link no longer found) is stating the current situation correctly. The job of the mainly private and secondarily written blogs is to more or less adequately point out and comment news which were made by someone else. There are only few themes where bloggers could be the originator of the news themselves and even fewer in which they are brought into the occasion by others (german).

But many of those niche themes are of interest for the bloggers themselves, especially in themes connected with the Internet which have till now widely been neglected by public journalism and politics. And even if the bloggers have not in their hands the generation of news they get more and more influence in it’s spreading and evaluation. The meaninglessness the Spiegel found in July last year (german) has definitely decreased since. And as long as bloggers deliver a good postprocessing I could live for a while with the current division of work between “bloggers” and “journalists”.