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Loss of confidence

17 October, 2009 (17:06) | law & order | By: Aerar

The dismissals of long-serving employees without previous notice because of the (assumed) theft of a low valued good, seem to be no mass phenomenon, but periodically make their way into the daily press. After a childrens bed (german) and receipts for empty bottles (german) now there are Pasta squares filled with meat and spinach (german), which are said to be taken without allowance. Dismissals due to so marginal reason are not right.

The reason on which the dismissals are based is the loss of confidence of the employer against his employee. This feigned loss of confidence is weak in my eyes if it is obviously an abstraction of items which subjectively in the eyes of the employee is meaningless or even correct. I think this is the case when the items in question are planned for disposal of wastes or are made for public use for a wide other group. I can understand that one would eat any food instead of throwing it into the waste bin instead – or when one would take a pen from a large box which was installed for free use of every customer. Formal this behaviour is not correct but it can not lead to a general loss of confidence, which makes it impossible to keep the employee in furture service. This would mean: “One who does not know that it is wrong to take a pen does not know that taking money from the cash box is wrong as well.”

Even when the abstraction is objectively wrong such as stealing receipts for empty bottles the comparativeness should still be preserved. Stealing those reciepes, even if they are just of 1,30 Euro worth, is wrong. But the dismassal of a long-serving employee due to this is wrong as well.
Especially in Germany there are such high standards, which are too high by my opinion, prohibiting the dismissal of employees, that a dismissal by such a low reason seems ridiculous. It looks as if some employers are using the “loss of confidence” as a measure of self-defence against the dismissal protection. But what is caused by such measure is not alone a kind of horror in the society but a loss of confidence of the employees against the employers, which get under a general suspicion of being the next to use this measure.

The courts should stop to allow dismissals of long-serving employees by such low misbehaviour immediately. Where the can not due to the given law, the lawmaker should act as soon as possible.