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The value of your vote

27 September, 2009 (13:18) | elections | By: Aerar

Even though Angela Merkel does not get tired to remember that in the elctions of 2002 just 6000 votes (german) were missing to bring the CDU/CSU to government, the larger number of voters does not believe that it is exactly their vote that makes the difference in the elections. As there are about 60 million people who are allowed to vote the feeled chance of hitting the Jackpot is not higher than in playing lotto.

Most voters have no idea what a present they got with their vote. In many excperiments and polls which are often done before elections they would sell it for a bunch of Euros if they could. But how much should they charge then? What is the price for a vote if it really could be traded and sold?

A sum of 1000 Euro surely would bring most electors at least to shortly consider the matter. Even those who see the high principial value of their vote would surely be surprised if a hypothetic value of their vote would be that high.

But lets make a short calculation: Germany has about 62 Millionen legal voters (german). With a participation on the elections of a very high 97% there would be 60 Million votes for the 100%. For a price of 40 billion Euro a 66,67 % result could be bought assumeing the price of 1000 Euro / vote. That is a very cheap bargain for getting the control (including changes of the Basic Laws) of one of the top industial countries of the world.

So the vote of every voter is much worthier than a 1000 Euro and so the voter should value it accordingly.