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Where did the Piratenpartei get the money from?

26 September, 2009 (20:55) | Uncategorized | By: Aerar

When I walk through the town I see posters of the Piratenpartei everywhere. Maybe it is just a subjective perception as the Pirates are discussed so often in the Blogossphäre or maybe it is because the posters are quite unique? But even when counting them I still have the impression that there are lots of posters.

But where did they get the money for those? As far as I know campaigning is very expensive and the refunding for the election is paid after the elections. So the Pirates need to have the money now. But as the Piratenpartei is quite new and not the one with the most members. So they could not have got too much money by membership fees? In addition the Piraten are not too close to the industry with their manifesto. So there should not be much money from that direction either?

But when I look at their website (german) the cost seem not to be so high as I assumed. But what will the Pirates then do with the estimated million Euro refunding (german) then? Maybe I should better ask: “What will the Piratenpartei spend their money for?”