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Party opinion poll: result

14 September, 2009 (15:34) | editorial, elections, parties, political trade, series | By: Aerar

Since all answer of the parties have been published I want to come to an evaluation of the party opinion poll (the link is leading to the questions and in overview of all answers of the poll). A closer evaluation of the single answers I might do later in another thread. But even now everyone should be able to read the replies himself and make his own conclusions from them. Those may be published as a comment on the corresponding answer pages.

Beside of the answers themselves I was interested which parties would send an answer at all. I got answers from 11 parties of which 8 were dealing with the questions I sent. In general parties are used to complain whenever an election suffers from such a low participation, but disenchantment with politics is originated by the parties and not by the voters alone. The answers I got on the other hand were very interesting and I want to thank those parties again.

I can only assume reluctance or incapacity as the reason for those who did not send an answer. Especially the smaller parties have smaller campaign offices (as e.g. stated by the Familienpartei) and might have problems in answering all requests they get. In addition some parties were really hard to contact at all. But here I wonder how a party that is not able to manage it’s own campaign should be capable to manage the affairs of the whole country. Above that some had severe internal troubles as I observed at the Freie Wähler Deutschland and the Deutsche Zentrumspartei (even though one has to consider that in both cases two sides were involved of which one might be completely innocent for the trouble).

If it were reluctance to answer the questions I would tend to call this wilful ignorance. But I would value this, even when dealing with such a small blog like mine, as being inappropriate. Not alone that this states a certain degree of arrogance and disinterest against smaller questioners. They also overlook the fact that readers and especially writers of political blogs tend to be extraordinary strong spreaders of political opinions in their social surrounding.