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Party opinion poll

30 August, 2009 (16:47) | elections, parties, political trade, series | By: Aerar

There are alltogether 27 parties who will participate at the election to the German Bundestag at September, 27th 2009. Not all parties have subscribed to all federal states. Therefore there are some parties who can be elected in certain states only. A well-known example is the CSU which can be elected alone in Bayern whereas her sister party the CDU is competing in all states apart from Bayern.

Even those who are interested in German politics would hardly be able to name all those 27 parties by heart. Those who disagree might right away start to write them all to a piece of paper now. So there is reason enough to take a closer look to all of those parties. The goal was only indirectly the manifesto of the single parties. Those could be retrieved from the Internet presences or by mail from the parties themselves. Instead I started a poll among all parties and asked for answering four questions. Beside the answer itself I was curious, if and how intense the parties would deal with such a small blog such as mine or whether they would simply ignore my requests. I could imagine in beforehand that the smaller parties would have an interest in a marginal platform as well while I assumed that the larger parties might have a campaign team big enough to answer all questions they ever get.

Now, some parties have indeed answered even though not all of them. With some parties it was hard to find the right contact at all for such a poll. So, despite of my efforts, I can not be entirely sure whether all requests have reached the right party internal persons. If in some case my request got amiss I nevertheless have the wish that in future the correct email address would be more obvious. I want to thank all parties which have send an answer and will present those answer in the now coming series one by one. These parties have shown that they are willing and capable to deal with request from the sources on citizen level.

When I choosed the questions I took care that it would not be too easy to simply answer them with preconstructed text modules but require individual answers. I will publish the complete list of questions along with my request in the next article. Here is a short introduction of my questions and the motivation why I choosed them.

The first question was about bureaucracy and in which way it were possible to offer services of public interest free of charge. I already dealt with this theme in this blog.
I named some examples in my introducing text and in many cases exactly those examples have explicitely been answered. I consider it my fault when those examples had not been taken as an proposal but as given points. But I can live well with the resulting answers as the examples I named all where themes of my interest.

In the second question I asked which public expenses in the opinion of the party should be reduced in future. It is often interesting to hear as well what a party would not do in case it would get into the government.

With the third question I asked to name legal measures in connection with the use of the Internet which the party think useful or not useful. I, beeing one of millions of frequent Internet users in Germany, think this question quite relevant for me and for the readers of this blog.

The fourth question allowed the parties to state their main political focus. This made it easier to use text modules but I hoped that after the first three question this last one as well would get an individual text. Above that I took this question to balance any unfairness which might to some degree have arised by the selection of the thrid three questions. Every party should therefore get the opportunity to state their main goals. I also think that not all readers would read the manifesto of every party. So as this poll should help the reader to some degree to build his own political oppinion I hope this last question will be a small help to get an idea of the goals of the single parties.

I myself learned from the single answers some facts about some parties I did not know or would not have guessed. I hope you will as well find interesting answers in that poll. Please don’t hesitate to state your own point of view on this poll in whole or to single answers of the parties.
Unfortunally I made the mistake to ask the parties for the explicite allowance to translate their answers to English (or even better get an English version from them). None of the parties has noted that request or did want an English translation. So I will respect that and will not have any English translations on the answers. I will take the lesson for the future. So all I would do is that a link to the German version of the answers. Maybe you can at least get a basic impreesion by using a translator such as Babelfish.