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The Tauss incident

6 March, 2009 (16:40) | homeland security, law & order, media, particulars | By: Aerar

Yesterday it came out that the Public Attorney’s Office in Karlsruhe has started an investigation against the SPD member of the Bundestag Jörg Tauss caused by the suspicion of owing pornographic material showing children.

Here are some news topics:

Kinderpornoverdacht gegen SPD-Abgeordneten Jörg Tauss (german)
Büros des SPD-Abgeordneten Tauss durchsucht (german)
Kinderporno-Fund bringt SPD-Politiker in Erklärungsnöte (german)
SPD-Politiker Tauss gibt Ämter auf (german)

When reading the news of the same incedent in several Internet blogs I noticed a tendency of many authors and commenters that it might be a conspiracy against the politician who was known to be in favour of more privacy protection.

Some examples (Selection not complete of course):

Zu den Kinderpornographie-Vorwürfen gegen Jörg Tauss (german)
Jörg Tauss: Subtile Hetze (german)
Wird Jörg Tauss MdB erstes prominentes Opfer des neuen EU-Sexualstrafrechtes? (german)
Jörg Tauss und Kinderpornografie? (german)
Die Affare Tauss : Wie demontiert man einen Datenschützer? (link no longer found)

Now this story is technically well adequate to give a good conspiracy theory as the facts simply match very well. So the efforts of the representative for more privacy protection would give a totally different picture when you assume child pornography aptitudes were involved. On the other hand the known facts (SMS and MMS contacts with a suspected (!) dealer of child pornography) could be easily manipulated or forged.

Of course there is no result of the investigations yet. But I though it interesting that so many blogs even mentioned the possibily of a conspiracy as conspiracy is an egregious and rare event. When reading some blogs i got the impression many writers and commenters followed the theory of a conspiracy as their main if not only hypothesis even though the knowledge of fact is/was rather thin.

Irerespectively of the cas eitself it shows how split the attitudes are concerning the spreading measures of the government forcing more observation. While on the one hand many people seem to be in favour of more observance (german) within a group of politically interested bloggers and their readers on the other hand there seems to be a tendency to more scepticism and lack of comprehension. Or did I simply read the wrong blogs?