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Winners and Non-voters

19 January, 2009 (14:24) | elections, federal states | By: Aerar

After long lasting troubles in the beginning a new election has been done in Hessen yesterday. This should always be the last option as an election always is an expression of the will of the electors and should not be repeated endlessly until the result will be good enough for everybody or like in this case at least good enough for someone. But this time everything looks great as like after every election there are only winners.

The CDU as it is allowed to continue governing and even increased their percentage of votes by a small degree (after a horrible result in the last election)

The SPD, which clearly lost a huge part of votes. But this votes were lost already before the election at some time during all the misunderstandings about promises and coalitions. Of course that does not count and so this election went better than expected. And in addition they now know how to twitter (german).

The FDP as it is now allowed to govern as well. And because it did nothing beside of regretting to join a “Ampel-Koalition”. Therefore it did nothing wrong, which was very clever, as in Hessen there were many things lately which could be done wrongly. That pays off with the highest percentual gain of all parties.

Die Grünen since they simply never stated clearly what exactly they were going to do. They politely were participating in every action but only a little bit. So they were no deniers but not guilty as well. Very good.

Die Linke, as they made their way to the parliament even though there is no one who likes them or would ever vote for them, because in the end they are guilty of everything. They tried hard to give a proper concept of the enemy but in the end they could not match with Roland Koch in that discipline.

Everything would have been wunderful if there were not so many non-voters. Of course they have won as well. After what was figured quickly they actually are the secret winner (german) of the election. Which arises doubts in the legitimation of the future government, since the percentage of all possible voters is much lower than the percentage counting only those who actually voted. This phenomenon is not new (german) and nobody knows what exactly do the non-voters want to express by giving their vote to noone. Are the possibly all anarchists who do not want a government at all or are they weak-willed fellow-runners who simply take the government others will serve them? Being pragmatic I would believe the second explanation.

As Max Frisch said: “Wer sich nicht mit Politik befaßt, hat die politische Parteinahme, die er sich sparen möchte, bereits vollzogen: Er dient der herrschenden Partei.” (“Those who are not dealing with politics at all have already made the political choice they wanted to avoid: they serve the governing party.” [translation by the author])