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Boom: unstoppable

26 November, 2008 (12:12) | abroad, economy, finance, media, series | By: Aerar

It is irresponsible how some media try to stop the boom. Two days ago a poll on the economic situation (german) has been published, which stated that one third of all companies would consider to reduce the number of jobs. What was not mentioned in the titles or in some articles left totally unmentioned was the fact that on the other hand 19% of the companies were planning to increase the number of jobs. Serious news are done differently, but “crisis sells”.

But such disruptive actions can not stop the boom. At least not in the USA (german). Now that offiate minister of finance Henry Paulson seemingly has decided to spend the first 700 billion Dollars in this reign and in addition China announced a cash injection of more than a trillion Dollars the Fed will add another 800 billion Dollar program. That brings Amerika directly back to number one.