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22 November, 2008 (13:12) | economy, series | By: Aerar

Lately it has become very difficult to find positive news about the economy. Even the Federal Chanchellor has set a new course and now warns with a prognosis of a hard future (german). But it is common knowledge that economy is 70% psychologie and it is dangerous to shaken the confidence of the participiants of the economic cycle by pessimism. This would lead to a stop of car production, even though by far not everyone needing a new car has got one. Production will cease in a large scale, even though there is demand. So the standard of live is lowered for no reason.

This is not necessary and this can not be. At least one man has recognized that and dared to announce it in the public (german). And this is the boss of the german prototype makers who never accepted an “impossible”. And Mr. Löscher is right and so I will promote his insight by a campaign of optimism, which blanks out bad news (=media hype) and only spreads positive economic news.