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Dear Jusos in Sachsen,

17 November, 2008 (23:32) | federal states, homeland security, political trade | By: Aerar

now you decided to stop the controversial BKA-law. You did so in times nobody within the SPD seemed to be interested in data privacy or surveillance society. Well, we have a financial crisis and there will be elections soon, so it is hard to care about civil rights. But you are different. Respect!
But why did you have to act so late again? Couldn’t you inform in advance your nominal members in Berlin that it is always risky to enforce (insensate) controversial political decisions? That would have given your main party an oportunity to distinguish themselves with a rational decision. But I don’t want to criticize, most probably your party members were already calling all day to do so.

So we will keep an eye on you and thanks again.