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Pangs of conscience

4 November, 2008 (15:26) | elections, federal states, particulars, political trade | By: Aerar

Within a political system dominated by parties a delegate often is in the situation to serve his party and to give his vote for topics he disagrees to serve a higher goal. Nevertheless it is a good thing when a delegate makes use of his personal political mandate and in important cases makes decisions following his conscience and his responsibility even though it is against the aims of his party. But a delegate not able to neither vote for a coalition agreement of his party nor able to elect the parties leader should ask himself whether he is in the right party still.

Yesterday three delegates of the SPD faction in Hessen rediscovered their conscience and acted irresponsible by doing so. Not because of being against the course of their party. Not because of preventing a political coalition. But by doing it too late and therefore being not reliable and inprofessional.

The planned course to make a coalition with DIe Linke even at the cost of a political breach of promise has been announced early enough and was accepted by wide parts of the party. The three deviants had time enough to see and analyze the situation. Dagmar Metzger has done that and stated her position early. The others kept silent and stated their loyality even in the test ballots made. Only several hours before the real ballot they were able to make their decision. Now the only thing speaking for them is that they at least did not act like a sniper and dropping the candidate on the election day as it happened with Heide Simonis. Apart from that they damaged their party and the politics itself.

This is not because of how they decided but when they did. They had time enough to grapple with their conscience. But who makes important decisions in the last hours and who assures his loyalty in the time before not only has to accept to be called shilly-shally. Such behaviour is no proof of professionality and leads to a lack of credibility