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No X for Ms. Y

3 November, 2008 (15:35) | elections, federal states, particulars, political trade | By: Aerar

Now it happened. While the world of Andrea Ypsilanti still looked well in the morning and the CDU more and more worried (german) about a change of government in Hessen the house of cards she build as option for the coming change collapsed. There are now four delegates who announced not only to deny their votes to Ms. Ypsilanti (german) but in addition to leave the party soon.

It was a known fact Dagmar Metzger would deny her vote in the coming election. This left a very small majority of one vote only for Andrea Ypsilanti. Due to this situation the alliance partners of SPD, Die Grünen and Die Linke assured each other by doing test ballots that there were no further secret deviators like there were in the failed election of Heide Simonis (german).

But this time there were no secret deviators as the trouble in the SPD (german) was visible for everyone. Especially Jürgen Walter stated his resentment against the planned shadow cabinet and against the coalition agreement made between the SPD and Die Grünen, tolerated by Die Linke. This already gave room for guesswork he in addition might deny his vote to Ypsilanti in the coming ballot.

Ms. Ypsilanti was in the end not strong enough to resist the pressure she created herself. Leaders of the SPD already from the beginning were against a minority government tolerated by Die Linken. For sure the CDU and the FDP were against the project as well. Only the SPD in Hessen under the leadership of Andrea Ypsilanti defiantly followed the course that once was set. It seemed to be a bit like a certain Gaulic village. Also the public opinion was criticizing the sudden cooperation with Die Linke, which has been stated to be out of question before the election. So the question if on this way the planned change of government was still representing the electors’ will became a legitimate question. So in my point of view in the end an arguable coalition did not manage to displace the existing government, which is about as arguable as well as the question arises if it is still representing the electors’ will either. The decision of this question failed in the end because Andrea Ypsilanti was not able to keep peace within her small village anymore.