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28 October, 2008 (16:07) | finance, media, particulars, political trade | By: Aerar

Yesterday night the German minister of finance Peer Steinbrück was a guest in the TV talk “Beckmann”. The cool strategian was quite convincing in the talk lasting about an hour. With his quiet and inarrogant behaviour he talked about the status of the ongoing crisis at the financial markets without unnecessaryly blaming others. Thereby he gave the impression of beeing well informed and in addition could express his statements in an understandable way. Even in the current hard times he pledges to stay with a sense of proportion on the current course of consolidating the budget. In any case it is impressive how Steinbrück as the “senior saver” of the nation managed to take the can for mistakes of his antecessors and to make clear the necessarity of this in a sympathic way. As Steinbrück has a partly dry humor the talk (german) is quite entertaining in addition.

Unfortunately his succesors will have it more easy to waste the painfully saved money in a matter of no time to gain the favour of the electors the easy way. Assumingly it then will soon be forgotten how much it is Steinbrück’s merit that there will be any money to be spent at all.

This brings me to the question why it is necessary to assign the ministers by membership-book at not by ability. It is unlikely Peer Steinbrück will stay minister of finance in a coalition of CDU and FDP (or any other government without participation of Steinbrück’s party – the SPD). It is not a matter of course that there will always be competent candidates who have the best for the country in focus. So in my oppinion the last change in the ministery of economics was a change from a too close to industrial interests minister to a minister who’s work is hardly noticeable. Luckily at least that. But I indeed missed Jürgen Trittin after the last election, who in my opinion after having massive problems in the beginning made a good job in the end.

While it often happens that an outgoing government positions member of it’s trust in the lower positions before leaving, the store signs of the government has to be allways changed. What a pity in some cases.