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Only one vote per person

30 September, 2008 (22:14) | abroad, elections, federal states, political trade | By: Aerar

Following an article in heise online (german) there were problems again in connection with the so called “e-voting” (making votes by using a special computerterminal) in the communal election in Brandenburg. It seems that a problem was the dangerous blind confidence of the canvessers and their heads. Especially since the legendary “Nedap-Hack” (german) where an ordinary voting machine has been reprogrammed to play a game of chess it was made public that the security of those machines is manipulable and deceiving. In Germany the “Chaos Computer Club” is working against electronical voting machines and provides an overview of news dealing with the matter (german).

The annoying thing is that many persons in charge still seem not to see the nonsense in the use of those election aids. First of all it is arguable that their use is cheaper as for the handling human helpers are needed still. Human canvessers have the additional advantage that they have not to be purchased and they do not have to be stocked securely between the elections.

But the financial aspect is less important compared to an actual or only imaginable danger of manipulating an election which simplyfied electronically now could be accomplished by a much smaller group of people while on the other (?) side a smaller group of people is now able to control the results. For instance the suspicion (german) remains that in the last election of the US president there might have been irregularities in connection with the use of computers which in the end made George W. Bush win the election against his challanger John Kerry. Alone the though that the government of a democratic country, in particular of the global power USA might have been established by fraud or technical errors is concussing without any need (!) the basis of democracy itself.

Addendum (Oct. 9, 2008):

Doesn’t look as if it would get better too soon. (german)

Addendum (Mar. 3, 2009):

And again the Federal Constitutional Court had to intervene to stop the frivoloushandling of basic liberties by the politicians:

Seems as if there is stille hope (german).