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Elect differently

26 September, 2008 (17:43) | abroad, elections | By: Aerar

Actually we have enough elections on our own and with the election in Bayern the next one is about to come this weekend already. But we can not totally ignore the election of the new president in the USA as the political future there will have deep impact on german politics as well.

If you ask us Germans the decision was made early already (german) and we still have the opinion (german): Obama shall become president. Being a reincarnation of JFK he will bring us peace, order and a stabilized financial system. The latter is in trouble so much that it is not even clear whether the crisis of the markets is more important than the election campaigns. At least the other candidate John McCain seems to be this opinion (german).

Moreover the electors are very changeable. Within the last weeks and months we had to live with changing majorities to one or the other direction in the polls. But “Spiegel online” is now going to change that. At least they try to merge all the different results within one single tool (german) which they want to keep recent every morning.

But in the end that would not be very helpful in case one does not know the procedure by which the president is elected in the USA. Those who tried to follow the news at least would have a slight idea that somehow not the total number of votes but the single States are of importance. If you want to really understand the system at last you will get an easy explanation in this video:

Now, with all that knowledge also laymen can continue watching the election in overseas. By the time the campaigns themselves will continue again..