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The glass is only half full

21 September, 2008 (12:37) | elections, federal states | By: Aerar

That would be a problem not only for the Oktoberfest but as well in the coming elections in Bayern. We will see the results on September, 28th but recent polls indicate that the glass would be less than half full then. A result of 47% ist prognosticated for the CSU and the question of “50% plus or minus x” seems to be the most important question in this election.

But it is not any more. Due to the lasting discussion of a possible loss of absolute majority the myth of an invincible CSU has already vanished in the heads of the nation. Observing it in perspective the results of the CSU will still be brilliant and a disaster as well compared to their phantastic 60.7% the party archieved in the last elections. Even Günther Beckstein could not change this by simply adding a few tenth of a percent to the result.

But the really interesting developments will happen on the other end of the ladder. Even though that is rarely discussed by now. There the question will be answered who will enter the Bavarian Parliament beside of the CSU. The SPD and Die Grünen will surely reach this goal again. FDP and Freie Wähler look as if they would surely manage to get in as new members. But also Die Linke having a prognosis of about 4% still might manage to get in. In Bayern. Into the Parliament. That should worry the CSU much more than the “magical 50%”. Die real question therefore should be “5% plus or minus x”. O’zapt is.