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Superflous Checking

19 September, 2008 (12:35) | homeland security | By: Aerar

You can still observe despaired people in the lines to the security checks at the airport who are trying to drink up their bottles of mineral water or limonade, which by security reasons is not allowed to be taken aboard. Other liquids such as drugs are fortunally not depleted but they have to end up in one of the bins which are positioned there for this reason.

Not to mention the amount of small values which are wasted here there is another thing spent to a large degree: time and money. In addition to the prolonged time the security checks would take especially business man with their small luggage now have to wait at the baggage claim for luggage which formerly could be taken along as carry-on luggage. A go and return flight easily sums up to one extra hour. A periodical commercial traveller would have about one working weak extra a year in the airport.

Whether such extra controls would prevent at least a single assault is hard to tell. But the additional targets items which have to be spotted by the security personal would hardly raise the rate of detection of other dangerous items which in so called “real tests” often come out to be alarmingly low. But excessive security measures will reach one goal for sure: the stoking of fears and suspiciousness connected with unneeded extra costs.