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Taxing commuters

15 September, 2008 (13:30) | finance | By: Aerar

Now it is time to show strength and to become unpopular. For there are polls (german) which strongly indicate a benevolent attitude towards tax-deductible amount for cars and there are articles (link no longer found) which name problems in disposing them. But this does not automatically mean that this tax reducing for driving to work would be a good think. Probably a good part of the accordance derives from the simple fact that a large part of the people would have more money in the end of year. It may be necessary to distribute more money especially under those people with low income. But not in this way!

By limiting the tax reducing to distances above 32 kilometres at least a small step out of the dschungle of taxes was done. A complete disposal would have been more consequent nevertheless. So granting the reducing from the first kilometer again would be a step into the wrong direction and were a fatal signal towards the project to reduce bureaucracy.

In addition the question is whether economical and ecological problems would be backed up by a measure which supports employed persons who invest an amount of energy and of their time which becomes larger and larger. Furthermore many of them has already gained a chargeback for their extra expenses by living at a place of their own choice and by benefiting of cheaper house rentals or prices. By granting a tax reducing many of them would profit doubly.